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For one photo block any size.


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Files | Resolution / Quality | Special Orders


File Type: We accept digital files in Tiff (.tif), Jpeg (.jpg) or PDF (.pdf) format.


File Size: The maximum file size that can be uploaded using this order form is 10MB.


File Size over 10MB or multiple number of files: You will need to use the free 'We Transfer' service. Click on the 'We Transfer' icon below.


Resolution / Quality: A digital picture file is made out of a grid of pixels - small tiny dots that can have any colour. Your camera resolution determines how many of them your picture has. For printing the more pixels the better.


Please also note that pictures taken, even with high end mobile devices, are rarely suitable for printing at all but the smallest of sizes. In all cases we will advise you before printing proceeds.


Cameras with a higher resolution have more pixels to work with, so when the picture is enlarged pixels don’t become apparent.


When we receive your image file our technicians will check to make sure that your file size is sufficient to enable printing to your instructions.


We are able to upsize files within certain parameters and will do this if necessary.


Image aspect ratio (Size and shape of the image): Even we can't fit 'a square peg into a round hole' and so it may be necessary to crop and adjust the size of your image or artwork or add a border to fulfil your requirements.


If your file is unsuitable or too small for printing to your desired size then we will advise you accordingly before any payment request is made.


Special Orders: For special orders that you have spoken to us about you may still use this form to complete your details and upload your image we will email a PayPal invoice to you for the agreed payment amount to be made.

Photo Block Baby
Photo Block Bride
Photo Block Toddler

All prices are in GBP and include VAT.


Qty 1 - 4 x 3 inch  (101.6 x 76.2 mm) £13.99

Three or more £12.99 each.


Qty 1 - 6 x4 inch  (152.4 x 76.2 mm) £17.99

Three or more £16.99 each.


Qty 1 - 7 x 5 inch  (177.8 x 127 mm) £21.99

Three or more £19.99 each.


Qty 1 - 8 x 6 inch  (203.2 x 152.4 mm) £25.99

Three or more £23.99 each.


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Our Acrylic Photo Blocks are available in four sizes and are produced from solid 1 inch (25.4mm) thick high clarity acrylic that has the picture thermally bonded onto the rear face using the dye sublimation process.


A great way to display your favourite pictures and sure to be a gift that is treasured for many years.


Upload your own artwork using the order form below.


Or you can choose a picture from any of our Galleries HERE


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