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Colour Picker

If you require a specific colour for any of our services please use the handy colour picker opposite to easily advise us of your choice. Please note that 'Save' is diabled in this utility.


To find the colour you require:

1. Select a colour range from the vertical colour chart.

2. Select a shade from the shade colour area.

3. The colour you choose will now show in the 'selected' colour panel.

4. Make a note of the Hex colour code from the box above it.

5. Tell us the code.


Do you need more than one colour? You can choose to add individual colours, up to a maximum of ten, into the blank colour swatch boxes.

1. When the colour you require appears in the 'selected' colour panel simply click on it and it will transfer into one of the empty colour swatch boxes.

2. When you have all the colours you require in these boxes you can click on each in turn to note the individual colour codes.


Do you already know the value of the colour you require?

If you already know the exact colour that you require either by its HSV or RGB value you can tell us that if you prefer. These values can also be seen by clicking on the colour slider icon.

Colour Picker Explanation

In the example opposite you will see that the various colour codes for the current colour in the 'Selected' colour panel, are indicated as follows.


Hex = 6C71D4

HSV = 237.49.83

RGB = 108 113 212

(i.e. Red 108 Green 113 Blue 212)


Note: All of these codes refer to just this one colour and so any one code is sufficient to identify the colour.

Text in chosen colour

The Colour Picker utility above will not show on Apple devices. Mac users should use the Digital Colour Meter instead which can be found in /Applications/Utilities/. For other Apple devices you can download a free app from the app store.

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Can you see all of the graduations from black to white? If not, tilt your screen until you can.


You can return to view the basic colour swatches HERE

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